Injured cat

I took my cat to the vet yesterday because he had a wound with pus oozing out of that tail. The day before I took him to the vet, a small piece of hair came down. . Does this have anything to do with a disease? It seems like something little. He ended up getting points, and when I brought it home today I noticed a small bald spot near his eye. The cut was infected and he was castrated yesterday. The vet said that the tail is broken too. Yes, we have established that he was in a fight. . I was wondering about the lack of hair. . It is only in my mind. . I'm actually talking to the vet tomorrow. In essence – is neutered or not? If you are not neutered then you should get neutered male cats, because fighting with other males and females when they are out on the prowl also keep from spraying around the house.

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When cats begin spraying

Do not spray when Tom is around other cats or just cats? Hes just turned one in December and was trying to mate with the other girls who have been sterilized so. Why is that? Actually, he has not started to spray I just wanted to know when they start … Will do so if theres any other tom cats around. Essentially – male cats start spraying everywhere around 7 months, ie especially when your veterinarian will recommend castration. Be sprayed for no reason at all, is a natural thing for them. If you hear him begin to howl and rubbing against things, then there is a female in heat around. They can smell a mile away. Then spray wherever the smell is the strongest. Cats may also feel a man and hang around your home. Hope this helps.

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Cat Neutering

Ok. So I have 2 cats that are within about 4 months, I suppose, and I'm thinking of getting the male fixed, but I think I have to wait until you have 5 or 6 months. But anyway I have another cat that's a cat inside / outside playing outside all day and then comes when it starts to get dark. . Do not spray in the house or something I needed to get castrated, too. What should I do want to stay inside. , Right? And finally, I have a male cat that grew from newborn to adulthood more or less at home, but since there are cats adorning the outside world. He had begun to want to stay out. . I hate it because the other male cats that wander out to fight him and is seeking all horrible wounds on his neck. . And my boyfriend will not let you be in the house because it will spray. . We have tried to let him in and spray the couch. . But now, recently, we've been him stop eating and hes fine. I will finish this at the top. But then go to the door and screaming to be let out. . So I would love to get that fixed maybe you have at home. . But I know theres still a chance to be sprayed. . What are the chances that it will continue to spray if I fix it? Thank you very much in advance: D. I was happy to learn … Hard to say. Some men continue spraying, but none stop. I rescued a stray adult male that was sprayed in all our shrubs outside. I have him neutered and ended up staying with him. He has never sprayed again. It must have been about 5-7 years old when I took him in. I do not know if there are figures on this topic. You can always ask your vet what their experience, too. He also had 4 other male cats neutered when I took him in.

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